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Botou CHINT Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Recommended for:The main products YLD YL GZ GT rigid couplings HL ZL TL ML TK type flexible coupling SL KL WH slider coupling CL CLZ gear G Ⅰ Ⅱ CL TGL drum gear coupling JQ D GL double clamp coupling chain coupling a variety of standard couplings XB series cycloid pin wheel reducer ZQ PM Park Zhu LC poles gear reducer gear reducer NGW planetary gear reducer P-type V-belt reducer WHT WHC WHX WHS WD worm reducer worm reducer AM CD130B-86 WJ DJ SJ gear bracket HG21566 21567-95 XD XS reducer stent JXLD JA JB FJ bracket TA TB gear reducer stent chemical reactor standard stuffing box bottom bearing support various stirrer 667,080 4-6.5 m machine side frame furnace coke side door protection plate shutter opening and closing switching bridge tube bridge tube flap valve flue pipe flue gas generator nozzle rail seat plate butterfly cock
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