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China Reducer Information Network ( is reducer industry professional product sales platform portal. Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce focused on supporting the project .

China Information Network gear reducer products mainly for online sales to build a network marketing platform . Each gear and related companies can use this platform to sell gear and related products .

China Information Network reducer joint China General Machinery Industry Association branch by gearbox , gear reducer Standardization Committee and the National Quality Inspection Center and the Association of Wuqiao gear reducer for all manufacturers and sales units to provide online sales service and support .

China Information Network gear reducer by Hebei Zhiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. , started in 2003 , formally launched in 2006 .

China Information Network as a reducer reducer reducer user maximum sales sourcing platform , the current site registered more than 91,000 users Members reducer , gear units of production and distribution of over 20,000 . An average of more than 50 million page views per day . The maximum daily capacity of more than 70 million browsing . Production and distribution has become a reducer unit brand building, product promotion online tool.
China Reducer Information Network is now the country 's largest and most authoritative information search platform reducer . Currently correlated samples collected reducer most models , the version most complete, most detailed and accurate data professional website . China reducer Information Network has collected a variety of gear and accessories accessories standard samples and published in the online display large technical books " reducer standard sample Daquan" set . Also released a variety of products, suppliers and contact information. Collecting all regions reducer Supply Unit contact information, publish the manufacturers News Industry News, Shows produced by various manufacturers reducer products , electronic samples , corporate videos , location and other information.

China gear industry information network tracking reports meeting 30 times, release and News Industry News
Another site also oriented production and sales units gear reducer Buying , reducer technical advice, the book provides commonly used machine tools , software, drawings downloads. Data content includes gear, accessories accessories , couplings , supports, backstop , electric rollers , clutches and other products.
China Reducer Information Network in the "service industry , for the benefit of society " principle, first-class service for the brand , network technology as a carrier to market demand -oriented, real credit for the characteristics, based on the domestic market reducer , look International reducer industry dynamics, timely and accurate information to customers delivering the latest , carefully crafted set of online sales , advertising display , information dissemination, information query in one of the reducer industry business information platform !

Welcome reducer industry enterprises and units to find information on our website and the information, we will be happy to serve you !
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