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Advantages of online advertising
Currently the network is increasingly becoming an important part of life , people get information through the network more and more. More comprehensive . The three major networks and traditional media ( television, radio , newspapers ) , compared with unique advantages. Modern marketing media strategy is the implementation of an important component . The unique advantages of internet advertising , can be broadly summarized as follows :
1 , spread wide : online advertising spread extremely wide range , from time and space constraints, can be put through Internet advertising information 24 hours a day to spread around the world . Today, the Internet has connected more than 160 million Internet users on the country , China has more than 20 million , and these users are constantly accelerating development and growth. As online advertising audience , provided they have access to the Internet , any person in any place you can always feel free to browse advertising information.
2 , strong interaction : on the web, the audience is advertising masters when it became interested in a certain product , you can enter the product through keystrokes homepage to learn more about the product. And manufacturers can always get valuable user feedback.
3 , flexible , low cost: in the traditional media advertising , publishing it very difficult to change , even if the changes can often required a great deal of economic costs . The advertising on the Internet in accordance with the need for timely change ad content , including of course correct the error. This makes operating decisions changes can be implemented in a timely manner and promotion . As an emerging media, online media, the charges are much lower than traditional media , if the direct use of network advertising sales , you can save more cost of sales.
4 , the number of the audience can have accurate statistics : the use of traditional media advertising , it is difficult to know precisely how many people receive advertising messages , and on the Internet through the authority of the justice system, accurate statistics visitor traffic statistics of each client's advertising is much users read, and these users access time distribution and geographical distribution. Thus, by analysis tools , easy to reflect effectiveness , customer groups legible , behavioral advertising revenue can be measured reliably, helps merchants correctly assess advertising effectiveness, developing advertising strategies , greater certainty for advertising goals .
5 well targeted : online advertising target group identified by the Hit message is those who are interested , so you can direct hit is possible users , and can be different for different audiences launch advertising content . Especially for business and economic sites , browse users are mostly business people , more targeted online advertising on it.
6 , sensual and strong: the carrier of Internet advertising is essentially multimedia, hypertext format that allows consumers to experience the products, services and brands. This kind of picture, text , sound, like in the form of multi-sensory information transmission , immersive experience for customers such as goods or services.
Gearhead Information Network unique advantages of the six ad
1 , brand : Gearhead Information Network is currently China 's largest , most complete information included professional gear portal. Reducer for all production, marketing firms business. For the majority of enterprise vendors to provide one-stop information service . For enterprises to make to make the brand to provide a good platform for information exchange and dissemination .
2 Targeted : Gearhead Information Network only for gear industry, and its objects are browsing manufacturer or distributor within the industry , the enterprise has a strong purchasing or making decisions .
3 , customer awareness : Gearhead Information Network has a professional network services, the most comprehensive breakdown product information. To gradually become an important way to get information .
4 , professional advertising services : Web reducer products only advertise services , corporate and enterprise products will definitely done the best advertising services .
5 , low advertising costs : Gearhead Information Network low advertising costs make enterprises with a minimum investment for maximum returns.
6 , enjoy quality service : member companies and advertising companies can enjoy this site to better than ordinary users powerful features .
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