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Welcome to the reducer Information Network ( Reducer Information Network Beijing Jinqiao Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. radius professional reducer industry service website, in order to standardize website management, website and related law to safeguard the legitimate rights of copyright owners, Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Jinqiao radius make the following special legal declaration. The terms set forth in this legal notice and conditions apply to all visits and use of information network gear to individuals or institutions.

1, this site belongs to the main program copyright and website information Jinqiao Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Beijing Fangyuan all.

2, information network gear reducer industry-oriented professional services website, any access and use this site to individuals or institutions must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, not with the ability to communicate with the web site to engage in illegal activities.

3, the information network gear everything is in order to better serve the audience, this site does not guarantee that all information, text, graphics, links and other items of the absolute accuracy and completeness of the content for visitors to use the reference deceleration machine information network for the use of this website content related consequences arising from commercial and does not assume any legal responsibility.

4, all with gear information network linked sites and their content and copyright by the respective providers and owners are responsible, reducer Information Network does not form or nature of its content or responsible for any direct or indirect commercial or legal liability.

5, if the information on this website infringes your copyright, you can submit information network to gear right holder identification materials and can explain the situation the copyright owner of the material, we will immediately delete and apologize.

6, the software download section of the software production drawings for reference, please download immediately after the deletion.
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