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After completing the registration information , user name or mailbox prompts an error ?
When you submit your registration information, prompt the user name or mailbox error, you first look at the mailbox in the correct format , or before a mailbox with the same registered members ; if the user name is already registered by others , you just have not been registered for a the user name can be registered .
How do I modify the User ID and password ?
User ID is unique, one can not be changed after registration .
Change Password in the Member Management Center interface operation steps:
1, log Membership Management Center - click on the left " Change Password "
2 , according to the tips page , first enter the old password and then enter the new password twice , click "Modify " button.
Why am I a member of the center will be out ?
Timeout tips are due account of security considerations set function ;
Timeout is the member account successfully logged in member management center, within 20 minutes without any operation or did not click browse forum section . Timeout after release information, members login box will pop up , re-login to post a message , please Login webmaster immediately after publication opportunities.
Can I register more than one corporate account ?
No, a business is only allowed to register an account ( user name ) , if found business name, contact information such accounts belong to the same two duplicate registration , duplicate registration will lead to new registered account is closed.
Release information, see the website ?
After you register , in the Member Center where supply and demand information or business information, publishing success , you need to wait for 5-10 minutes the system automatically audit information , so you can ensure the authenticity of information on the website .
Why is my supply of information shall not be passed ?
Ben 's supply of information to members will do a comprehensive review, the following situations will not be passed :
• Information content does not belong in the industry product
· Content or title does not meet the standard information dissemination , such as information , the title has a large number of duplicate keywords or etc.
• Information text words too long or too short ;
· Publish the same information repeated daily , or more consecutive days a lot of the same information published
· Members will supply information each time deliberately chosen as the buyer trading direction
· Condolence message body contains language, salutation , false information, contrary to the laws and regulations, detrimental to the reputation and interests of others , fraudulent use of the name of others , involving infringement .
I want to remove outdated information how to do ?
You just left of center in the member list to find supply and demand information - click Manage supply and demand information - the information to be deleted is selected - click the Delete button below .
How about my business to the column on the site Product Catalog Registration production ?

You just left of center in the member list to find manufacturers and distributors to join --- Click to join various models manufacturers, choose categories - Class - click Add to . After you can click to see the effect , you can enter the type of page you join up .
How can my business on the site has its own showrooms ?
You just left of center in the member list to find online showroom - Click to apply online showroom - fill showrooms name - click on the submit button to add products have unlimited showrooms .
How can I put my own product images posted to the hall it ?

Two methods:

1, the first product to upload pictures to the Member Center, and then in the list on the left to find the Member Center Online Gallery - Published Exhibits - fill in the product name , product type, offer instructions , product descriptions - Product Image Select Method 1 - Select You upload the corresponding product - click submit.

2 , when you sign up production , while production of the picture of the product registration simultaneously added to the exhibition hall .
How to upload images and publish corporate LOGO?

You just left of center in the member list to find Upload Image Management - click on my picture - Fill Image Name - browse Select Local want to upload pictures ( pictures best 120 * 100 pixels and no larger than a single picture 100K) - click upload.

Posted corporate logo , the corporate logo upload finished, in the member list on the left to find the center of corporate data - basic information - corporate logo - Select Method 1 - Select logo - Click modifications.

How to view the website I want reducer standard samples and the production of such products business contact information ?

1, you can search through the system , the direct search for models that you need to view .

2, you can enter the Product Catalog section, select the appropriate category of products , view subcategories Products list , select and click to see the bottom of the page you can view the manufacturer 's contact information.
How do I find I want to find reducer firm and its products ?

1, you can search through the system , you want to find a direct search reducer enterprise keywords, search out, click to view the details of the enterprise .
2, if you do not know the name of the company , you can click to enter - Company News - by Region - by Product Model Search - browse for your needs of member companies - Click here for details of the enterprise
My Member Center after perfecting the website where you can see my business name ?
Guinness in the enterprise , Product Catalog , online showrooms , supply and demand information section to find .
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