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Shanghai Ruijin reductor Co., Ltd
Recommended for:Shanghai Rui Jin Reducer Co., Ltd. (RIZING), is a research, production, sales and integration of professional manufacturers, the company has the most advanced German KLINGEINBERG precision worm grinder, Germany PFAUTER hobbing, England MATRIX precision gear grinder, Japan OKUMA horizontal machining center, Germany WENZEL CMM, tooth tooth tester, and JXB-B PC-based universal tool microscope, such as multiple testing equipment for the "pursuit of zero defect" provides a strong guarantee. The main products are gear motors, R, S, K, F series helical gear reducer, H / B series high-power reducer, RV series worm gear reduction drive, WP series cast iron worm gear reducer, MB CVT, WB / X series cycloid reducer, T series spiral bevel gear steering, G series totally enclosed gear reducer, SWL series screw lift and other series. Company with reference to the strict quality management system, manufacturing the highest quality products, in recent years, Rui Transmission spirit of "innovation, advance with the times," the spirit, commitment to international and domestic transmission equipment research and development, modular digital parameters for the domestic application of each drive in various industries to provide excellent solutions. Provide you with thousands of thousands of mix and match, and recommend a more optimal model specifications. Rui Jin drive gear motor products are widely used: metallurgy, mining, beer, beverage, tobacco, light industry, environmental engineering, logistics, plastic machinery, lifting and transport, parking and other fields. After years of development, Rui Jin product already has a large market share, product sales throughout the country, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions, the company will, as always, strive to become the industry leader in the drive
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