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Recommended for: The overrunning clutch, electromagnetic clutch, magnetic powder clutch, electromagnetic loss brake, a centrifugal clutch, pneumatic clutch, couplings, check gas membrane separator, brakes, clutch, expansion sleeve, locking plate, pneumatic diaphragm pumps, air disc brake, oily self lubrication bearing, tension controller, precision lock nut, lock washer, with the chain torque limiter, one-way bearing products such as professional production and processing companies, has a complete, scientific quality management system. The company's integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Professional R & D, production, sales: clutch, clutch, backstop and transmission machinery equipment and accessories. The company seeks to refine on to provide users with excellent quality, high precision mechanical transmission products stable performance. The company mainly provides CAMA (CK-A, CKA, XKA), CAMB (CK-B), BCAM (CKZ, XKZ) type sprag overrunning clutch, ROLA (AS, GC-C), ROLB (ASNU, GC-B), BROL (NUZ, GCZ) type roller clutch, NF high speed condition with the non contact wedge backstop, NYD (NJ) type low speed with non-return device, GN type roller backstop. As well as DLM0, DLM2, DLM3, DLM4, DLM5, DLM9, DLM10, dry, wet multi disc electromagnetic clutch, DLYO, DLY3 type of jaw type electromagnetic clutch, DLD, DZD chip, electromagnetic clutch, an electromagnetic brake, Z1 to Z20 type locking assemblies, oil bearing, a centrifugal clutch, safety clutch, torque limiter, magnetic powder clutch, air disc brake, couplings and other basic transmission product. The company has always been the spirit of "dedication, truth-seeking, innovative business philosophy; adhere to the quality first, the credibility of the first" purpose, to provide quality products and service for the vast number of users; to "quality of survival, to the customer as the center, to management for efficiency, to market and development" is our company's operating principles, the company all staff determined to be more high-quality, timely, efficient service, to dare be a person first, carve dedication spirit, to revitalize the national economy to make modest. We use to defend the dignity of personality quality! Welcome all friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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