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Junbao electromechanical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Recommended for:Shanghai Anbo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production of motor, gear reducer, motor, reversible motor, brake motors, high-tech enterprises, the brake motor series product has a rich experience, excellent professional and technical services team, Taiwan companies to introduce advanced R & D technology, design concepts and advanced management level, is committed to creating a sophisticated, advanced mechanical and electrical products. Our commitment: to provide customers with reasonable price, the quality of product and service quality, in order to improve the market competitiveness, to become your most trusted supplier. The company was established over the past few years, has been committed to the development and production of motor, reducer series products, products widely used in machinery, electronic equipment, medical machinery, tobacco machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, feed machinery, crushing machine, pure mixing machinery, automated production lines, precision printing, welding, three-dimensional garage, precision photoelectric control, modern industry. Center City company is located in the Yangtze River Delta city of Shanghai Minhang District, North Green Road 730 Lane Industrial Park, adjacent to Hongqiao airport 2 kilometers, adjacent high-speed Ka 3 kilometers, traffic is convenient. Anbo electromechanical Co., Ltd. has the industry's most complete product lines and solutions, to meet customer demand as the goal, to provide innovative, customized products and services to customers, help customers achieve sustained profitability and success, work together to build the future of the world's. The company will be first-class enterprise, casting vision to take a new road to industrialization, good products, in the high-tech world for the development direction, the company will further rely on their own advantages and abundant strength, play a good brand, adhere to the "quality policy to provide satisfactory products for customers" in management and technology continues to progress, to in order to provide more quality products and services to new and old customers at home and abroad. Looking to the future, we are full of confidence, with the vast number of customers friends to work together towards faster, higher, stronger forward. Jun Bao reducer has the advantages of low noise, low vibration, small size, light weight, type variety, installation Simple maintenance etc.. Characteristics: aluminum alloy shell, helical gears precision grinding, special waterproof. Meter, motor IP55 protection grade, class F insulation, low noise, long life, maintenance free, spot for Should, first-class service model named TYPES:CH, CV, CHM, CVM, CHD, CVD Ma Force CAPACITY:100W-3700W reduction ratio RATIO:3, 5, 10,... 1800. Jun Bao gear motor specifications are as follows: Machine code: ZL (horizontal installation, including motor) ZF (vertical installation, including motor) Motor power: 100w-3700w, 1:3.5. ratio.. 1800 (can be customized ratio 1:10, 1:20 positive ratio speed reducer) Applied voltage: three phase 50Hz (220V / 230V / 240V / 380V / 400V / 415V / 440V) Three phase 60Hz (220V / 240V / 380V / 415V / 440V / 460 / 480V600V) Single phase 50Hz (110V / 115V / 200V / 220V / 230V) Single phase 60Hz (110V / 220V / 240V) Optional accessories: DC-90V, SYB hand brake release brakes, forced fan, etc. Characteristics and performance: Project: three-phase AC motor. (single phase AC motor) Protection grade: hermetic external fan type IP-54. (semi closed outer fan type) Shell: 0.1-3.7KW, aluminum alloy / steel. (0.1-1.5KW aluminum alloy / Tie Ke) YN YY, the company's production of motor, to drive the use of alternating current, voltage of 220V, can also according to customer needs in different regions, matching with different voltage motor driving power supply. Note: YY type motor steering switch, please switch the motor to stop running after the. YN type motor steering switch can be switched on, the motor runs. Motor characteristics: 1), high sealing. The power of the motor part configuration and type O ring seal, to prevent the gear lubricating oil return, to avoid damage to motor insulation aging. 2), high efficiency. This product is made of sheet stamping die design of new silicon steel core, high precision, strong magnetic properties, shape the design of new motor cooling structure, its fast heat dissipation, high efficiency, low temperature rise. 3), characteristics. Motor characteristics optimization design, the S-T (speed torque) optimal properties, suitable for all kinds of running environment. 4), customer. The company has its own R & D design team, can according to the special requirements of customers customized, specifications. The company production of gear reducer, using high precision spiral bevel gear, and with oil seals, O - ring, seal type gear box. The lubrication mode, ball bearing drive, has the characteristic of low noise, long service life, small volume, high power.
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