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Tianjin Ouhua reducer Co., Ltd.
Recommended for:Tianjin Ouhua reducer Co., Ltd. is a production of cycloid pin wheel reducer, all kinds of couplings, explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof motor, variable frequency and variable speed motor professional factory, located in Tianjin municipality directly under the central government, industrial zone, convenient transportation. Tianjin Ouhua reducer Co. Ltd. adhere to the "honesty, credibility" purposes, adhere to the "quality first, customer first" principle, I hope our products can contribute to increase economic efficiency Tianjin Ouhua reducer Limited production cycloid reducer and other products of good quality, reliable performance, complete specifications, reasonable price, sales and popularity of three provinces in Northeast China, life-long repair. Cycloidal pin wheel reducer is the use of K - H - V with small teeth difference planetary transmission principle of novel drive mechanism and cycloid gear engaged, widely applied to various mechanical transmission speed reducing mechanism, such as: textile printing and dyeing, food industry, metallurgy, petroleum chemical industry, the field of lifting transportation and construction machinery of the drive and deceleration device. Choose Tianjin Austrian products, Austrian Chinese will serve for you with......
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