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Langfang Maotai reducer Co. Ltd.
Recommended for:Guomao reducer Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guomao group) is a comprehensive national private enterprise, founded in 1993, is headquartered in the International Garden City -- Jiangsu province Changzhou city Wujin district. Guomao group has always been to "sustainable development, striving for the top" for business purposes, to "the pursuit of perfect quality, and always meet the customer" for the quality policy, promote the brand strategy, brand connotation, adjust operation strategy, create economies of scale. Nowadays, Guomao group is a company with total assets of 1000000000 yuan, covers an area of 250000 square meters, the headquarters staff of more than 2100, the national sales company of more than 100, the total number of employees more than 3000 people, speed reducer to achieve ultra 1700000000 yuan, the total annual turnover of over 5000000000 yuan, set machinery, light industry, industry park in one of the industry's leading enterprises. At present, Guomao group has from the past production of single "Guomao" series cycloid reducer, the reducer series of standards development, now the special series, large and medium-sized non-standard series, the series of new, high precision transmission and other dozens of series of thousands of varieties, with annual production capacity of 600000 reducers, with non standard reducer means from the full set of technology research and development, design, manufacturing and advanced testing.
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