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WuQiao Xinjiyuan reduction machinery Co.,Ltd
Recommended for:Wuqiao Xin Jiyuan slowdown Machinery Co., Ltd. located in the famous hometown of acrobatics - Wuqiao , covers an area over 20,000 square meters , nearly two years of production history , is the design , manufacturing and sales of various types of professional gear enterprise. Our main products are: Flank worm reducer, circular cylindrical worm reducer, cylindrical worm reducer , NMRV miniature worm reducer , SWL (QWL) worm screw lift , XB planetary cycloid reducer, 8000 series planetary cycloid wheel reducer, plane double enveloping worm gear, involute cylindrical gear reducer , RZS intermediate frequency electric furnace dedicated reducer , CLJ irrigation machine dedicated reducer . Products have passed ISO9001: 2000 certification , in order to meet market demand, our factory constantly develop new products , developed irrigation equipment dedicated reducer , rolling machine shed dedicated reducer , electric dedicated reducer , pipe threader machine dedicated reducer a new series of high-tech products, we will be quality products , perfect service and loyal attitude to serve our customers. I produced the mechanical structure is reasonable, superior performance, are widely used in metallurgy , mining, lifting, transportation , petroleum, chemical , pharmaceutical, food , light industry and other industrial sectors deceleration devices. The strong technical force , excellent equipment , advanced technology, testing complete , complete product specifications , reasonable price, abide by the contract , after-sales service system is perfect. We also undertake special specifications gear design and manufacturing , enthusiasm for the modernization of the sector to provide novel transmission machinery supporting services. Our company has always pursued the "honest and trustworthy , so a hundred years " business purpose , adhere to the " quality first, customer first" principle, with the majority of customers sincere and effective cooperation . I elaborate various types of machinery, the use of customers in all walks of life have been reflected significant technical and economic effects , reliable quality, more and more by the majority of users rely on and welcome. Forge ahead , technological innovation is the Xin Jiyuan 's goal. Quality, integrity is the Xin Jiyuan eternal purpose of serving people Wuqiao Xin Jiyuan slowdown Machinery Co., Ltd. adhering to the " integrity, professional , win-win " business philosophy , adhere to customer first, quality first, technology and customer service, adhere to technological progress , innovation, and constantly go beyond , has become one in the mechanical and industrial equipment industry, considerable strength and size of the enterprise. Your satisfaction is our pursuit ! Welcome to business users and consumers and to contact us, we will be in line with the best products , provide users with the best service for the purpose, to serve you !
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