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TEDA Xin Xin Fu Long Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.
Recommended for:Xin Fu Dragon International ( Holdings ) Limited is a collection of science, industry and trade as one of the modern international group company, mainly in research and development, production and sales , transmission equipment , control systems for leading industries, investment and development of a forward-looking industry supplement. The company's two wholly owned, five holding companies, 15 joint stock companies , involving mechanical transmission , frequency control , precision manufacturing , IT, real estate and other five industries . The company specializes in the production of gear -oriented industries, the main production WP series worm reducer , PW Series plane double enveloping worm reducer , RV series aluminum worm reducer , SWL, SJ series worm gear screw lift , X, B Series cycloid reducer, 8000 series cycloid reducer , JWB series of CVT , R, S, K, F series high-precision gear motor , H, B standard gear box , NGW, P series planetary gear reducer 80,000 kinds of specifications of products, optimize the modular design concept to follow , the full introduction of German technology , world-class processing and testing production line, the products sell well all over the world , widely used in various industrial fields , designed for high-end provide reliable transmission equipment and services. Company has long been adhering to the " heritage character Renpin , boutique transmission wonderful" enterprise content , always provide our clients with professional and satisfactory service , so Xin Fu Dragon Group acclaim outside the industry , have a good social reputation.
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