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Taixing Huadong reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sales Department
Recommended for:Taixing Huadong reducer manufacturing Co., the company formerly known as Jiangsu Huadong reducer factory, Taixing reducer factory three, is a collection of science, industry and trade, one of the Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 1986, is located in the Beijing Shanghai Expressway and bordering Taixing province Jiangsu City Eastern suburb. Manufacturing company specializing in electric drum and the speed reducer and gear distribution box. With the demand of the market, the company also began to take diversified product development. Began to study, design, trial for all kinds of large-scale reducer, distribution box design and manufacture from the age of ninety. After years of development and continuous improvement of products, optimize the product performance, stability, our reliable quality, impact on the customer's increasing. Enterprise was awarded the national medium enterprise, Jiangsu famous enterprises and provincial key enterprises, brand protection, mechanical product quality supervision and inspection of qualified enterprises nationwide unified, took the lead through the IS09001:2000 international quality system certification, for twenty consecutive years was named "heavy contract, keep credit" enterprise, AAA grade credit enterprise. Our factory has 486 employees, college staff of nearly 40, high, intermediate technical title personnel 33; have all kinds of vehicles, milling, planing, milling, cutting, punching, welding, cutting equipment more than 160 Taiwan; about 40000000 yuan in fixed assets, covers an area of 20000 square. The main products are: Hardened / Hardened reducer, - cycloid reducer, crane reducer, cylindrical / arc / teeth / bevel / bevel / shaft mounted / gear reducer, point line meshing gear reducer, oil cooling / air / oil / external / electric drum, circular cylindrical worm worm gear worm reducer etc.. I plant the production of East China card reducer products throughout the southwest, northwest, northeast, Southern China, East China, central China and other parts of the country, and exported to new products at the same time, Ma, Thailand and Europe and other countries. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, lifting, chemical, construction, electronics, military and other industries. For many national key projects supporting the use of: very satisfied with the construction unit Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Co, Jinling Petrochemical, Dalian heavy industry group, Qi Lu petrochemical, Chinese double, Three Gorges project to my factory product quality and service, has won the praise and trust, and established long-term cooperation relationship. We have the spirit of quality survival, reputation and development "business philosophy, is willing to work with each customer sincere cooperation, quality norms our use of" standard ", make the products to customer satisfaction. In the framework of integrity and mutual benefit, common casting brilliant tomorrow. Chinese domain name: buy reducer reducer.Cn.Cn East China China reducer.Cn The company said in a statement. For a long time, because of the East brand renowned throughout the country, some lawbreakers are my company expelled from the factory of certain sales, and our company "East China" slogan, established the company in the market almost the same name swagger through the streets, the card is the three companies (non production personnel, no plant, no production equipment) would buy sell inferior products entrap consumers, particularly in the southwest market, pass off the sham as the genuine, true and false to partial. Therefore, our company in order to safeguard the interests of users, as well as the enterprise's legitimate rights and interests are not infringed upon in this special remind users: the company without any branch, buy "East" reducer, please look for the "East" trademark, in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses. Once the user finds counterfeit, can report to the local industry and commerce department or the legal department immediately, will give some economic incentives in the company, at the same time this illegal behavior will investigate its legal liability legally
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