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Zibo Highway Machinery Co., Ltd.
Recommended for:Zibo Highway Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, is located in Boshan high tech Development Zone, adjacent to 205 National Road, Bole high-speed Boshan Road, convenient transportation. The company well-equipped, measuring detection means perfect, strong technical force, is a professional design, production speed reducer, services in one of the (reducer), vacuum pump, livestock manure dewatering machine manufacturer. The main products include involute, arc, cone gear reducer, the series of Hardened reducer, worm gear reducer, gear motor, water ring vacuum pumps and compressors, reciprocating vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump. Supporting the production of construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, plastic machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, lifting machinery, hydraulic machinery, rolling machine used a total of 16 series more than 7000 varieties of reducer, vacuum pump, which can meet the needs of users in different sectors. Tel: 0533-4666577 Mobile phone: 15653340712 13355299179 Business Baowang shop address: zbhh.cn.toocle.com Alibaba Wangpu address: Http://zibohaihui.cn.alibaba.com Main products: K series reducer model of spiral bevel gear reducer of hard toothed surface, JZQ (ZQ) series of cylindrical gear reducer, ZD series of cylindrical gear reducer, ZL (ZS) series of cylindrical gear reducer, ZSC series of cylindrical gear reducer, JS series of concrete mixer matched speed reducer, transmission speed machine, angle conical cylindrical gear reducer, ZZJ series SJ, ST series of plastic machinery and special reducer, ZDY\ZLY\ZSY series hardened cylinder gear reducer, DBY, DCY series conical cylindrical gear reducer, ZLYJ (ZSYJ) series single screw extrusion machine plastic gear reducer (horizontal), ZLYJ (ZSYJ) series of rubber extruder machine gear reducer (vertical), SZ series conical twin screw extruder gear box, ZQA, hard surface gear reducer, QJ series Z2G series hydraulic mechanical hoist reducer, supporting WXJ, WSJ, WC, WD, CW series worm gear reducer. Vacuum pump main product models: SZ, SZB, 2SK, 2SK-P1, 2BEC, 2BEA, 2BV series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors; W, WY, WLW series reciprocating vacuum pump; 2X, 2XZ series rotary vacuum pump and vacuum pump unit. And customized various stainless steel vacuum pump and centrifugal pump. Products are widely used in various fields of petroleum, chemical, electronics, machinery, metallurgy, mining, food, medicine, printing etc.. The solid-liquid separator (livestock manure dewatering machine) model: LX200 LX280-1 LX280-2 LX280-3
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