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Dongguan Xinghui electromechanical trade Co., Ltd.
Recommended for:Dongguan longhui Electrical Co., Ltd. to comply with the change rapidly industrial automation of society, in Chinese social stability, sustainable development in the future, "energy saving, environmental protection, high industrial equipment mechanization" will become an important direction of development. Longhui motor in response to the needs of society, as a member of "experts" driven by a motor, to redouble their efforts to study, I Division in the constant introduction of Italy, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan high quality transmission equipment, products widely used in electronic equipment, transportation equipment, packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, ceramic machinery and electroplating machinery industry and other industrial equipment. The company has a professional sales and service team, the spirit of enterprise "as our own eyes, do a good job of Lafe company products and services" to improve the pre-sale customer service, to ensure that customers buy products in our company are satisfaction and confidence. The main agent products are as follows: A Italy 1.MOTO motovari motor series 2.STM gear motor 3.VARVEL gear motor 4.MOTOVARIO reducer 5.SITI motor, worm gear reducer 6.MGM, COEL brake motor 7.ELECTRO ADDA motor 8 horses pull (Marali) energy efficient motor 9 horses pull (Marali) NMRV reducer 10 horses pull (Marali) AC brake motor 11.BONFIGLIOLI reducer, aluminum housing motor The two Japan Series 1 Toshiba motor gear head, Miki. 2 Mitsubishi induction motor, Kobelco reducer 3.KANA tension sleeve (expansion sets), grinding rack 4.KANA chain, roller chain coupling, sprocket The three Taiwan series 1 the wind high-pressure blower The 2 Taiwan gear motor 3 the name of worm gear reducer 4 TECO electric brakes, brake discs, brake pads 5.C-KING L coupling, NM couplings, Chain Couplings 6 North translation gear head, brake clutch, Four German series 1 Siemens brake motor, variable frequency motor 2 Germany VEM motor
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