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Export practice processes

Preparation before a transaction

Including the selection of target markets , trading partners, to develop export commodity management programs.

External consultation phase two

Include: ( a ) inquiry that invite the other the offer and the corresponding transportation , insurance and other provisions ( Attachment: Vendor quotation ) ; ( 2 ) an offer that is made ​​by the person an offer quotations ; ( 3 ) is also being affected by disc tray people do not agree or do not agree with the offeror in the hair plate made ​​of the conditions and propose amendments to this ) ; ( 4 ) to accept that the other side by the offeror received an offer after-hours or also agreed to the terms proposed willing to deal with each other , and timely commitments.

Three contracts

After the establishment of trading by one party to the contents and conditions of the transaction sent to the other party a written document made ​​by the other party to sign an acknowledgment . Such documents include: ( 1 ) Orders ( turnover made ​​by the buyer the seller to sign an acknowledgment ) ; ( 2 ) sales confirmation , sales contract ( signed by the buyer by the seller made ​​transaction confirmation ) .

Four to perform the contract

An import contract fulfillment ( located on FOB terms )

( A ) after the signing of imports , according to the contract with the credit application form to fill in bank for issuing procedures ( Attachment: Letter of Credit ) ; ( 2 ) to fulfill the conditions of delivery FOB import contract , the purchaser shall be responsible for sending ships to the other side port pick up the goods , the seller before delivery period of time , you should notify the buyer expected date of shipment by the Purchaser ship charter provides warehouse handling procedures ; ( 3 ) Upon conclusion of the charter provides warehouse procedures, should be required to the name of the vessel and sailing period will notify the seller so that its ready for shipment ; ( 4 ) after shipment , seller shall promptly give a shipping notice to the buyer , so the buyer receiving goods in time for insurance and other work ; ( 5 ) FOB delivery conditions, the import contracts, insurance handled by the buyer . Each batch of imported goods , the receipt of foreign shipment notification, shall name, bill of lading number, sailing date , product name , quantity, loading port , destination port other items of content notify the insurance company , that is, as insurance procedures have been completed ; ( 6 ) the purchaser receives the seller Bank Bank drafts and documents sent after the control provisions of the letter of credit , check the number of copies of documents and content , if found correct, by the buyer to the seller Bank Bank payment ; ( 7 ) import and Export Company in RMB are translated in accordance with relevant state regulations premium to the bank purchased redeem ; ( 8 ) after the arrival of imported goods by the company or entrust foreign trade import and export transportation company based import documents fill "import goods declaration" the customs declaration and accompanying invoices , bills of lading and insurance policy - in the case of statutory inspection of imported goods, commodity inspection certificate accompanying needed ; should be tested before release ; ( 9 ) to port for unloading imported goods , unloading is carried out by the Port Authority check , if found shortages , should be promptly fill " shortlanded report " signed by the ship confirmation , and according to the shortage of the reserving the right to claim the ship written statement ( at the same time , insurance companies and Inspection Bureau also will take appropriate action ) ; ( 10 ) Thereafter, if the order or with the cargo unit in the port of discharge location , the nearest transmission goods, such as not in order or unloading cargo unit area , the freight forwarders will be entrusted to a transhipment cargo units ; ( 11 ) If the quality of imported goods , quantity , packaging, etc. do not meet the contract requirements , then according to different causes losses , respectively, in a timely manner to the seller , shipping companies, insurance company claims.

2 Export performance of the contract ( set by CIF transaction )

( A ) export contract signed, stocking should be done , including : Gather and contract quality, quantity, packaging, marks consistent cargo ; ( 2 ) Where national regulations or contract must be approved by China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau of inspection and certification of goods, the goods are ready, commodity Inspection Bureau shall apply for inspection , those who pass by the commodity Inspection Bureau issued a qualified certificate of inspection , customs clearance side and ( 3 ) a letter of credit in the performance of a contract , the main include: reminder cards , Shen card and change the card . Among them, reminder cards refers to as the contract for the buyer issuing time is not specified , and sometimes by the seller in certain circumstances may delay issuing , so buyer should urge the seller for rapid issuing procedures ; trial card usually provided by banks and Export Corporation working jointly liable trial license ; modified permit the Purchaser does not meet the local policies affect execution of the contract and the receipt of the letter of credit security should require the seller to make changes through the issuing bank , and persisted in the notice of receipt of the bank to amend the credit to send goods, in order to avoid losses ; ( 4 ) in CIF or CFR conditions, charter booking one of the seller 's responsibility . Basic procedure is as follows : First, the import and export companies as booking filled consignment basis ; followed by the shipping company or shipping agent company to accept the consignment according to the shipper , the shipper's bill of lading is issued ; Then, shipment , by the master or chief mate issue a single receipt , the shipper with receiving one-way delivery shipping agent company in exchange for a formal bill of lading, shipping notice issued to the purchaser ; ( 5 ) exports of goods before shipment , to fill in - - if necessary, the need to provide a copy of the contract , invoice , packing list, certificate of origin and other relevant documents , to the customs declaration ; ( 6 ) CIF price of the transaction by the export contract , the seller before shipment will be reported to the insurance company insurance procedures ; ( 7 ) brings together relevant documents specified in the letter of credit to pay a single period , submit a bank for negotiation settlement procedures , methods include: receipt settlement , negotiation, periodic settlement.

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