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Banks should comply with the contents of the settlement discipline What?

Handle settlement bank is the subject of the order is an important part of maintaining the balance sheet, the bank must be in strict accordance with the clearing system to settle the account. Banks should comply with the settlement of several disciplines including the following:

First, for any reason are not allowed to pressure votes, any refund, interception, and his line of misappropriation of clients' funds, receiving unreasonable refusal, not buckle buckle small fines;

Second, are not allowed outside of the settlement system provides additional conditions, affecting Wui Road unblocked;

Third, are not allowed to open accounts in violation of regulations;

Fourth, are not allowed to be rejected, to represent him normal settlement business lines;

Fifth, we are not allowed to give up on the settlement enterprise in violation of disciplinary sanctions;

Sixth, allowed illegal acceptance, discounting commercial bills and promissory evade responsibility and refused to pay the acceptance of commercial bills fare;

Seventh, are not allowed to take over the exchange differences LaSalle funds transferred funds contradiction;

Eighth, allowed to escape to the People's Bank remitted large remittance payments and liquidation of large bank drafts capital.

In addition to strictly abide by banks outside the discipline, in order to ensure the quality of the balance sheet must also strictly comply with the requirements of the handle settlement time standard. According to "work to strengthen the banking settlement decision," outgoing settlement certificate must be sent on the same day no later than the next day; receive settlement documents must be promptly paid the money to the payee. Settlement of the time, city generally not more than two days; offsite national or provincial remittance directly between the lines, wire transfer is generally not more than four days, Cenway - generally no more than 7 days.

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