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The main characteristics of the foreign exchange market

The main characteristics of the foreign exchange market

Although the international foreign exchange market is a day and night 24 hours continuous operation of the market, a market exchange rate fluctuations can quickly spread to other markets, but each one has its own market has different characteristics.

Sydney daily foreign exchange market as the world's first open markets for foreign exchange transactions, the transaction time is about 6:00-14:00 (Beijing time). Fluctuations in exchange rates are usually relatively calm trading varieties to Australian, New Zealand and U.S. dollars.

Tokyo foreign exchange market trading is more a single species, mainly in the yen against the dollar and the yen against the euro. Japan, as a major exporter of its receipt and payment of import and export trade is more concentrated, and therefore has the characteristics susceptible to interference. The transaction time is about 8:00-11:00 and 12:30-16:00 GMT.

London foreign exchange market trading currency many species are often more than 30 kinds, of which the largest transaction of the pound against the dollar deal, followed by the pound against the euro, Swiss franc and yen. Its trading time is about 17:00 to next day 1:00 GMT. London foreign exchange market, almost all the major international banks have branches here, the New York foreign exchange market due to its convergence with trading hours, so daily from 21:00 to 1:00 the next day is the major Currency fluctuations in the most active phase.

New York foreign exchange market is an important international foreign exchange markets, the daily trading volume after London. Currently accounts for more than 90% of global final U.S. dollar transactions through New York to settle inter-bank clearing system, so the New York foreign exchange market has become the dollar's international settlement center. Other than U.S. dollars, the major currencies were trading currency euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen and so on. Its trading hours to 21:00 GMT the next day about 4:00.

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