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Ship on behalf of export procedures

Ship on behalf of export procedures

An export shipping document files created :

Ships to accept Dingcang before the establishment of export ship file file contents : vessel name , voyage , expected date of departure .

2 , the station receipts board system:

① station receipts ( total of 11 joint ) by the consignor or his delegate a meal forwarding system .

② booking :

Export Branch Audit station receipts , as can accept booking, the presence of a fifth station receipts , six , seven , eight joint document cover seal, the second one left at the end , and the rest returned to the booking person .

Container management department suitcase station receipts provided by the fifth leaf and suitcase applications , the issue of export containers EIR . Man with suitcase exports unidirectional transfer of equipment to extract container empty container depot for empty containers for export .

3 , packing , cover admission chapters:

Packing stations or consignor may present factory / warehouse , packing after packing list should be produced .

After packing of goods , of Container Shi seals and box number , seal is good , shipping pieces fill station receipts 6,7,8 -linking .

Export heavy boxes dragged customs supervision pier / field station, dock / field standing station receipts six chapters and fill in the date associated superstructure approach .

4 , pre- prepared meals with a list :

Accept the booking , according to station receipts content production container stowage list , press and terminal / shipping company 's delivery dock before sailing time and other relevant units to dock the ship stowage arrangements .

5 , accepts packing list :

Booking will pay export packing list Branch, Division export packing list check box is good, seal number , bill of lading number and other content associated with the sixth station receipts consistent with the contents are correct, the presence of station receipts sixth joint bill of lading cover declare stamp.

6 , the declaration:

Consignor or his delegate declaration ' .

7 , meal exports made ​​manifest :

Export manifest the ship before sailing produced, one for the shipping field staff for the ship departure clearance procedures.

8 , shipping :

Pier must provide cover under the booking with customs clearance receipt station sixth chapter of the United arrange containerized cargo shipment.

9, the ship leaves port :

After loading , a Division field staff to handle the ship leaves port logistics customs clearance .

10 , provide information on:

Export manifest : Box number list ; LCL packing slips ; crew list ; General Declaration .

11 , issue bills of lading :

After booking people pay freight , with station receipts eighth United ( station receipts ) freight bill of lading issued an invoice to the outlet branch .

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