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Trade Easy Tutorial: What do foreign trade

Quick and easy tutorial trade 10 hours

Preparation: I also do foreign trade

[What is foreign trade]

Foreign trade is to do business with foreigners.

[What do I need to do foreign trade business]

Understand a little English. Do not necessarily have to be four so powerful ... can understand numbers, date, duration and quality of "Hello Goodbye Thank you" and other three five hundred words, plus you do with some of the terminology related to the products, buy Chinese-English dictionary and one called "Kingsoft" computer dictionary software to help (do not know the software, and keep abreast of questions), you can begin to do foreign trade up. Of course, English is better, more convenient to do business, so pay attention to the accumulation, usually when nothing, but also taking the time to learn something of the culture.

Have a computer with internet access. No computer to do foreign trade, will be peer underestimated. Moreover, using a computer to gather information on the Internet, send and receive e-mail, telephone fax letter than what can save money and more.

[Export trade of the whole process is like]

Talk business - Delivery - money --- report transactions to the authorities

Why should report transactions [it]

The international community are more stringent for foreign trade management, cargo inspection before going abroad often have to obtain approvals; got the money to declare so. In addition, the State encourages exports, report transactions can enjoy preferential policies.

Transaction status report is not finally, but throughout the entire trade process. Dealing with four main sectors:

Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau: Delivery before their inspection, and issue a certificate of quality. This process is called "inspection."

Customs: After inspection, the customs declaration of export, and then shipped out. This process is called "declaration."

SAFE: After the money is received to the SAFE report. This process is called "verification."

IRS: Export after reporting, tax and other concessions made Refunds. This process is called "tax."

Foreign trade and domestic business, in essence, there is not much difference, just need in the foreign trade operations with several government departments to make a dealings only.

【Summary】 learning readiness through this section, we have a common understanding of the whole process of export trade:

Talk business --- stocking --- Please CCIB inspection of goods to the customs declaration of export ---- --- the transport of goods to the customer abroad to obtain payment from customers --- ---- SAFE declare - - the IRS ---- count how much money, save up and back to the village to build a house to marry a wife.

In fact, not every link yourself to do it. There are many professional companies, they can help you to do one or more of them work. For example, freight forwarding companies can help you "declaration" and "transport", the bank can help you to obtain payment, the export agency can help you "inspection" as well as the foreign exchange bureau and the IRS, etc. --- in fact, exports agency can do so much, so you do not even need to talk business, then all things are given to them to help take care of you the goods to them, after they received money abroad, converted into RMB Here you are. However, they will be charged the entire value of 1% to 3% of the fee.

In addition, the building houses a bride will have to do it themselves, contractors and matchmaker are generally unreliable .. watch the girls do not look at photos to see photo ID card photograph beautiful artistic photos ... that is the real deal ... pretty tragic lesson.

Of course, and as domestic and foreign trade business field also has a variety of crooks and traps, so that the process is not enough light, it is necessary to understand the specific practices, master clear operation of ideas, so you do not out much of a problem.

Next, we detail on each step to learn about and understand how in this process with the government departments and professional company to deal with.

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