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Talking about international trade practices

( A ) The term practice of international trade in goods


1 , the meaning and role of trade terms


Trade term is sometimes also called price terms , commonly called price conditions in our country . It is through the formation of long-term practice of international trade and practice , using plain language or abbreviation code to buyers and sellers in the transfer of goods outlining the rights and obligations and the price of a particular language.


International trade buyers and sellers , all in the horizon , the goods shipped to the buyer from the seller's premises tend to go through the long-distance transport , handling and storage times , during which necessarily involves the following questions:


( A ) when and where to apply for the transfer of goods ?


( 2 ) Who charter, booking and pay for shipping ?


( 3 ) who for cargo insurance ?


( 4 ) who will bear the freight on the way the various risks that may arise ?


( 5 ) who export licenses ?


( 6 ) The Buyer shall pay at what time ? Depending on what payment ?


For this reason, buyers and sellers negotiate prices , be sure to also clear the above problem. International trade practice, gradually summed up some of the price terms , simple and clear division of responsibilities and obligations put them clear.


FOB Qingdao, China's use of terms such as export of a consignment is responsible for China's export license , is responsible for transporting the goods to Qingdao Port and ship hooks enough place, a cargo ship off the risk of loss will be transferred to the buyer ; Purchaser responsible for the charter booking , responsible for insurance, take the goods after the risk of loss over the ship's rail , responsible for unloading , import and export procedures and so on. Thus, the trade terms negotiated transactions greatly simplifies the content , shortening the transaction process , saving operational costs , to promote the development of international trade really contributed.


2 , the relevant international conventions trade terms


Currently on the international trade practice in terms of three system ( version ) :


( A ) " International Incoterms "


" International Incoterms " ( referred to as " General ", Incoterms) is the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for the harmonization of the interpretation of trade terms developed an important document . "General ," the aim is to international trade, the most commonly used trade terms to provide a set of international rules for interpretation , in order to avoid the emergence of different national interpretation of uncertainty or at least to a certain extent reduce this uncertainty. Earliest began in 1936 , followed in 1953 were modified 1967,1977,1980,1990 and 2000 has been revised , respectively , there was today's 2000 " International Incoterms ."


After the revised price terms with the new way of expression, of the thirteen kinds of price terms into E, F, C, D four groups. The first group E group (EX WORKS), means that the seller only in their place the goods available to the buyer ; second Group F Group (FCA, FAS and FOB), means that the seller must deliver the goods to the carrier nominated by the buyer ; the third group C group (CFR, CIF, CPT and CIP), means that the seller must contract for carriage , but the loss of or damage to the goods as well as the risk of an accident occurring after shipment and dispatch additional costs incurred , the seller is not liable ; section four group D (DAF, DES, DEQ, DDU and DDP), means that the seller must deliver the goods to bear the full cost of the destination country and risks.

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