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Hebei BeiFang reducer Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:河北北方减速机有限公司
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North Hebei reducer Co., Ltd. is a large machinery manufacturing enterprises, ISO9001 quality certification enterprises, China General Machinery Industry Association governing speed machine branch. Has a long history, strong technical force, advanced equipment, mainly engaged in
Hebei Jianhao decelerating Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:河北建豪减速机械有限公司
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Hao Hebei Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing sales slowdown planetary cycloid reducer, X series planetary cycloid reducer, worm reducer, gear reducer, electric drum, screw lift, couplings, hardened ring reducer, backstop, asynchronous motor and all gear par
Handan speed reducer Distribution Corporation  产品样本
    Chinese Name:邯郸市减速机经销总公司
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The main products are: 1, arc tooth worm gear reducer 2, involute worm reducer 3, X series planetary cycloid reducer 4, B series planetary gear reducer 5, soft tooth cylindrical gear reducer 6, hardened cylindrical gear reducer 7, 8 hardened cylinder gear reducer, gear motor 9, f
Beijing Zhiyuan decelerator Co., Ltd  产品样本
    Chinese Name:北京志远减速机械有限责任公司
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Beijing Zhiyuan slowdown Machinery Co., Ltd. , is a focus on gear and related equipment development, manufacturing and sales of professional companies. Main products : ZZSH480 ring gear, piling machine dedicated reducer , planetary cycloid reducer, flank worm reducer and gear red
Lanzhou XiTeng Rungong Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:兰州西腾润工装备制造有限公司(原兰州减速机厂)
    Recommended for:
Lanzhou West Teng Yun engineering equipment Manufacturing Co. (formerly Maryland Reducer Factory) was founded in 1965, is the former Ministry of Electronics Industry sentinel machinery enterprises, China is by gearbox Industry Association, Ministry of Chemical Industry sentinel e
Tianjin JinWei reducer Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:天津津伟减速机有限公司
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Tianjin Wei Reducer Co., Ltd. is a focus on the gear reducer and related equipment development, manufacturing and sales of professional companies, producing a planetary gear reducer, cycloid reducer, worm gear, electric drum , and other gear screw lift models, with many years of
Botou CHINT Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:泊头市正泰机械制造有限责任公司
    Recommended for:
The main products YLD YL GZ GT rigid couplings HL ZL TL ML TK type flexible coupling SL KL WH slider coupling CL CLZ gear G Ⅰ Ⅱ CL TGL drum gear coupling JQ D GL double clamp coupling chain coupling a variety of standard couplings XB series cycloid pin wheel reducer ZQ PM
Zibo Boshan Xuyu Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:淄博博山旭宇机械有限公司
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Zibo Boshan Xuyu Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the historical and cultural city -- Shandong province Zibo city Boshan District, the geographical position is superior, convenient and quick transportation and communication, is one of the local manufacturing, research and developm
Tianjin City Xiang Jia decelerating Machinery Co. Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:天津市祥嘉减速机械有限公司
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Tianjin City Xiang Jia deceleration Machinery Co., Ltd. - specializes in deceleration machinery and related equipment development, manufacturing, sales of professional companies, and has the domestic first-line large state-owned enterprises to establish a technology partnership.
Dezhou Aoli Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:德州奥力机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Texas Austrian Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Texas Cycloid Reducer Factory), is the production of professional gear manufacturers, since the plant since the eighties of last century, relying on the right philosophy, advanced technical facilities and accurate product given their ,
Hebei Zhiyuan decelerating Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:河北志远减速机械有限责任公司
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Since 1970 the plant has developed performance relentless pursuit of superior reducer, reducer with new ideas to improve performance, the product was awarded for its outstanding performance was "provincial superior", "Bu", have achieved Hebei Province Quality and Technical superv
Shanghai YinTong Reducer Company CO., LTD  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海寅通减速机总厂
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Yin Tong Reducer Factory is specialized in producing Yin 021-36173321 pass card reducer, motor and other transmission equipment, professional production capacity at home. Production technology and market share based world leader in the international field of power transm
Shanghai letter transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海枫信传动机械有限公司
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Shanghai letter transmission Machinery Co., the company has two production bases in Shanghai and Shandong, covering a total area of 300000 m2, a phase of the project has a modern standard factory building 60000 m2. The company leading product in a modular precision reducer, paral
Dezhou Jinzhan reducer Co. Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:德州金展减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Dezhou Jinzhan reducer Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong province Dezhou Tianqu Development Zone, has a production history of reducer for many years, is the design, production and sales of various kinds of reducer specialized company. Company's main products for the worm gear
Changzhou Pengzhan deceleration Machinery Factory (Changzhou Jiang Tai  产品样本
    Chinese Name:常州鹏展减速机械厂(常州江泰减速机械厂)
    Recommended for:
Changzhou Pengzhan deceleration Machinery Factory (formerly Changzhou Jiang Tai reducer machinery factory) is the production of a variety of drive device of professional factory, cycloid reducer factory production is a novel transmission machine adopts a planetary transmission pr
Hebei Hongli Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:河北宏力传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Hebei Hongli Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is the earliest produced in North China reducer professional manufacturers, covers an area of 21500 square meters, construction area of 7200 square meters, annual production capacity of 10000 sets. The main production and operation: W
Wuhan Jinghua reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:武汉市精华减速机制造有限公司
    Recommended for:
The essence of Wuhan City reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufacturers selling all kinds of "essence" brand reducer / cycloid reducer: BWD, XWD, BLD, XLD, BWED, XWED, BLED, XLED, BWE, BLE, BW, XW, BL, XL worm reducer: WX, WS, WC gear reducer: ZD, ZQ, ZL, ZS series, the majority
Xinxiang Zhenxing Chemical Equipment Factory  产品样本
    Chinese Name:新乡市振兴化工设备配套厂
    Recommended for:
Xinxiang Zhenxing chemical equipment factory is located in Zhongzhou earth, have 20 years of production of various kinds of reducer professional manufacturers.
Wuxi Mingyou Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:无锡市明友机电工业有限公司
    Recommended for:
Wuxi Mingyou Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd. (former Jiangyin micro reducer factory) was founded in 1953, Jiangsu province is the first professional production of cycloidal pin wheel reducer manufacturers, Chinese reduction machine industry association member units, the ISO9
Guomao reducer Group Co. Ltd   产品样本
    Chinese Name:国茂减速机集团有限公司
    Recommended for:
Guomao reducer Group Co. Ltd is specialized in producing all kinds of standard and non-standard reducer reducer
Shenyang Hua Ji Xing reducer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:沈阳华冀星减速机制造有限公司
    Recommended for:
Ji-Star gear is engaged in the development of transmission machinery manufacturing , sales expertise Department of Hebei Province Star Enterprise , ministerial advanced enterprises , the provincial science and technology advanced enterprises. Located in the famous photos of acrob
Tianjin Xinghuo reducer Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:天津市星火减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Tianjin spark reducer factory was founded in the early ninety century, company production cycloid reducer, gear reducer, worm gear reducer, the worm screw lift. Products sold over the years all over the country, some products exported to Europe and Southeast Asian countries. The
Tianjin Foerma transmission Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:天津福尔玛传动有限公司
    Recommended for:
Tianjin fu'erma reducer Co. Ltd is a large-scale professional enterprise a set research and development, production, sales in the integration of. The company mainly produces, worm gear reducer, X, B, BJ, JXJ series cycloid reducer The 8000 Series cycloid reducer, WB series micro
Yantai Yucheng Machinery Co., Ltd  产品样本
    Chinese Name:烟台禹成机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Yantai Yu Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, is located in the beautiful coastal city -- Yantai, is a collection of production, trade, product development in one of the modern enterprise. In the company of the joint efforts of the leaders and the staff, the company set up a
Tianjin Qiying Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:天津启盈传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Tianjin Kaiying Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. to the quality to win the trust of customers, win the market by service "for business purposes, in order to improve the technical equipment and technology level, the company introduced from Switzerland, Germany, the production of a
Changzhou Tongli reducer factory  产品样本
    Chinese Name:常州市通力减速机厂
    Recommended for:
Changzhou Tongli Machinery Factory is located in the convenient transportation, gathering of talents of Jiangnan Water - Changzhou. The company was founded in 1972. Registered trademark for the "Wu Xing" brand. In 2001 July completed restructuring. In order to ensure the excellen
Shanghai Juneng decelerator Co. Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海巨能减速机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Juneng decelerator Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, sales as one of the deceleration mechanical equipment, various series of deceleration machinery manufacturing enterprises, the company has a strong design, production and sales, service t
DeZhou DongMai Transmission Equlpmem Co.,Ltd  产品样本
    Chinese Name:德州东迈减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Dong Mai reducer Co. is located in the convenient transportation of Dezhou City, it is the predecessor of the Dezhou reducer factory affiliated factory three. The company from the Things reducer production 30 years has accumulated rich experience in the design, manufacture and p
Changzhou Wujin Wu Nan Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:常州市武进武南变速机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Changzhou Wujin Wu Nan Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a joint-stock cooperative enterprises. The company covers an area of about 5000 square meters, construction area of 2000 square meters, is the production of "Wu" brand cycloidal pin wheel reducer Prof
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