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Shanghai Zunxiang Reducer CO.,LTD  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海尊翔传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Chun Cheung Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is Chinese general machinery industry association by gearbox units, is engaged in the reduction machine manufacturing company, the company taking the lead in the domestic counterparts and passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system ce
Shanghai Nuoguang machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海诺广机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Connaught large machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of gear reducer, K series cone - cylindrical gear reducer
Shanghai Fengxin Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海枫信传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Fengxin Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. has two production bases in Shanghai and Shandong, with a total area of ​​300,000 square meters. The first phase of the project has a modern standard factory building of 60,000 square meters. The company's main product
Shanghai letter transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海枫信传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai letter transmission Machinery Co., the company has two production bases in Shanghai and Shandong, covering a total area of 300000 m2, a phase of the project has a modern standard factory building 60000 m2. The company leading product in a modular precision reducer, paral
    Chinese Name:陕西新力传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
The overrunning clutch, electromagnetic clutch, magnetic powder clutch, electromagnetic loss brake, a centrifugal clutch, pneumatic clutch, couplings, check gas membrane separator, brakes, clutch, expansion sleeve, locking plate, pneumatic diaphragm pumps, air disc brake, o
Guangzhou hecaizhineng technology co. LTD  产品样本
    Chinese Name:广州合财智能科技有限公司
    Recommended for:
Thank you for your understanding of guangzhou hoi choi from here Guangzhou smartfortune can technology co., LTD., headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, hop choi company spirit of "leading science and technology, innovation," business philosophy, relying on Germany's strong scient
Hebei province Jizhou City coupling factory.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:河北省冀州市联轴器厂.
    Recommended for:
Jizhou City coupling factory is the earliest registered professional factory, in 30 years of entrepreneurial development, development of products has many has developed into the domestic product standards. Is a "state machine and accessories Standardization Technical Committee" m
jiaozuozhidongqi  产品样本
    Chinese Name:焦作市银起制动器厂
    Recommended for:
Jiaozuo City Silver up brake factory was founded in 2000, is an enterprise specialized in brake manufacturers products research and development, manufacturing, service as a whole, factory strong technical force, advanced technology, detection means complete, can provide standard
Jiaozuo brake Limited by Share Ltd  产品样本
    Chinese Name:焦作制动器股份有限公司
    Recommended for:
Jiaozuo brake Limited by Share Ltd located in the road on the north side of people's fraternity County of Jiaozuo city. Company production of "gold hoop" licensing all kinds of industrial brakes, wind power, automobile yaw brake pneumatic anti lock braking system (ABS) and other
Botou Tianshuo coupling factory  产品样本
    Chinese Name:泊头市天硕联轴器厂
    Recommended for:
Shuo day coupling factory, is a professional engaged in locking assemblies, mechanical transmission and mechanical seal research, production enterprises. Our factory has many years of professional development of all types of coupling history, rich experience, has the advantages o
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