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Shanghai Leke Mechanical Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海乐克机械传动设备有限公司.
    Recommended for:
MB planetary friction type mechanical reducer WP series worm gear reducer X, WB series cycloidal gear reducer T series helical bevel gear transmission box K series triple helical bevel gear reducer MB planetary friction type mechanical variable transmission C series helical gear
Shanghai Nuoguang machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海诺广机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Connaught large machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of gear reducer, K series cone - cylindrical gear reducer
Shanghai feisen transmission equipment Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海菲森传动设备有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai feisen transmission equipment Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of German technology specializing in the production of reducer, motor driving device. The production technology and market share in the peer leader, in the field of power transmission have very high popu
Tianjin City Xiang Jia decelerating Machinery Co. Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:天津市祥嘉减速机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Tianjin City Xiang Jia deceleration Machinery Co., Ltd. - specializes in deceleration machinery and related equipment development, manufacturing, sales of professional companies, and has the domestic first-line large state-owned enterprises to establish a technology partnership.
Hangzhou Qian Mu reducer Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:杭州千暮减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Hangzhou Qian Mu reducer Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in R & D, production, sales of speed reducer of the Integrated Company, the company has a number of high-quality professional team, high-precision production equipment, testing equipment, and took the lead through the IS
Shanghai Fumai Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海弗麦传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai 弗麦 Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. the domestic well-known professional R & D, production, reducing transmission machinery enterprises, took the lead through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the company has the most advanced Swiss reishauer in AZA, NZA, ZB
    Chinese Name:杭州新星减速机厂
    Recommended for:
Hangzhou Nova Reducer Factory, located in the beautiful and rich bank of Qiantang River, located in Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway exit guali Xiaoshan Jiangdong industrial area north of Yi Peng town, away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, nearly 15 kilometers, th
Shanghai Tai Ze Transmission Technology Co. Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海汰泽传动科技有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Tai Ze Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production of reducer, elevator, coupling of the technology production enterprise. The main products X, B, WB, 8000, 9000 series of all types of cycloid reducer, WH, CW, LCW circular cylindrical worm reducer, KW
TEDA Xin Xin Fu Long Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:天津开发区鑫福龙传动设备有限公司
    Recommended for:
Xin Fu Dragon International ( Holdings ) Limited is a collection of science, industry and trade as one of the modern international group company, mainly in research and development, production and sales , transmission equipment , control systems for leading industries, investment
Wenzhou Xiongwei Machinery Co. Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:温州雄伟机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Our company specializing in the production of "Xiong Wei" brand of reduction and transmission machinery for many years. The products include MB series, JWB-X series planetary friction CVT machine; WB series micro cycloid reducer; X, B series cycloid reducer; worm gear worm reduce
shanghaijueshunchongdongjixieyouxiangongsi  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海爵顺减速机制造有限公司
    Recommended for:
shi nian chen dian zhu jiu jue shun jian su ji , jian duan pin zhi。
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhenyi transmission parts factory  产品样本
    Chinese Name:杭州萧山真誉传动件厂
    Recommended for:
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhenyi transmission parts factory is located in the port industrial park of Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province China, near the picturesque West Lake, adjacent to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, surface and air transportation is very c
Wenzhou Jiangbin mechanical transmission  产品样本
    Chinese Name:温州江滨传动机械
    Recommended for:
Wenzhou Jiangbin drive sales all kinds of reducer, gear motor, cycloidal reducer. Stepless transmission. New gear reducer motor, Taiwan Cheng Gang micro gear motor, Dong Yuan brake motor. Product range. Power 6W-3700W, speed. Damping. Electromagnetic brake. Price concessions, wel
Shanghai letter transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海枫信传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai letter transmission Machinery Co., the company has two production bases in Shanghai and Shandong, covering a total area of 300000 m2, a phase of the project has a modern standard factory building 60000 m2. The company leading product in a modular precision reducer, paral
Qingdao Jiuzhou machinery Co., LTD.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:青岛九洲机械有限公司.
    Recommended for:
Qingdao jiuzhou machinery Co., Ltd. produces various types of reducer has the domestic advanced level. The production of planetary pendulum needle wheel reducer, using the planet swing principle and cycloid tooth engagement novel transmission machinery, this series of reducer has
    Chinese Name:杭州杭万传动机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
 HANGZHOU HANGWAN SCREW JACK CO., LTD. is a professional reducer selection design, organization of production, sales and service in one of the modern type of company.  Series products are worm reducer, gear reducer, standard gearbox, cycloidal reducer, planetary cone disk co
Shanghai Ruipu Electromechanical Technology Co., LTD.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海瑞璞机电科技有限公司.
    Recommended for:
Series worm reducer, multi-position worm reducer, series hard tooth surface gear reducer motor,
Hangzhou Wanxing decelerator Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:杭州万兴减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Hangzhou Wanxing reducer Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the reducer, variator transmission equipment specialized in modern industrial enterprises, domestic counterparts in the first through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, with perfect quality system certifi
Shanghai Buzheng transmission equipment Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海步正传动设备有限公司
    Recommended for:
The company has been set up to create quality Chinese drive field as the mission, and determined to enter the global machinery industry high-end market, based on science and technology. Company a few years this innovation, sustainable development has formed a production line, pro
Hangzhou Yajie's transmission machinery factory Shenzhen Office  产品样本
    Chinese Name:杭州亚杰力克传动机械厂深圳办事处
    Recommended for:
Hangzhou Yajie's transmission machinery factory specialized in the gear reducer, the worm reducer, cycloid reducer, automatic door opening machine transmission products research, development, information services and electronic commerce website of high-tech enterprises. The compa
Shandong province Dezhou Jinyu deceleration Machinery Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:山东省德州市金宇机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shandong province Dezhou Jinyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of two planar enveloping hourglass worm reducer factory. The company has two enveloping machine 10 units, precision CNC lathes 5, 07 years after the introduction of foreign large NC two enveloping the special GJ
Taixing Flender reducer Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:泰兴市弗兰德减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Taixing Flender reducer Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of enterprises. The main production of cylindrical gear, hard, Hardened reducer, - cycloid reducer, planetary gear reducer, electric roller. Applicable to steel, mining, metallurgy, lifting, chemical, construction
    Chinese Name:杭州天宇减速机厂
    Recommended for:
Hangzhou reducer factory of Zhejiang Xiaoshan Xingxing group  产品样本
    Chinese Name:浙江省萧山恒星集团杭州减速机厂
    Recommended for:
Star Technology Holding Group originated from Hangzhou reducer factory, founded in 1976, is a modern group enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The company mainly takes the research and development of transmission and deceleration machinery as the leading industry,
Shanghai Pujiang Reducer Machinery Co., LTD.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海浦江减速机械有限公司.
    Recommended for:
WPU type cylindrical worm reducer KWL series worm screw elevator DKWU-F conical cylindrical worm reducer SKWU type shaft mounted conical cylindrical worm reducer KWU-F conical cylindrical worm reducer KWU cylindrical worm reducer DWPO type cylindrical worm reducer DSWPA type doub
Shanghai Liyi Reducer Co., LTD  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海力亦减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Liyi Reducer Co., LTD. Located in the beautiful and prosperous Shanghai. Is the domestic professional production of reducer, transmission equipment manufacturing company
Changzhou Xinghai Decelerator Factory  产品样本
    Chinese Name:常州市星海减速机厂
    Recommended for:
Our factory is producing all kinds of gear reducer device of professional factory, cycloid reducer factory production is the use of novel mechanical drive planetary transmission principle and the cycloidal pinwheel meshing. Deceleration device widely used in metallurgy, mining, l
Shanghai NanRui reducer Co., Ltd  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海南睿减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
Hainan Rui reducer Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in R & D, manufacturing and sales of professional companies. Products using advanced technology from Germany, modular design. The main products include: various uses helical gear reducer gear surface, shaft
Shanghai Xiao Yue mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.  产品样本
    Chinese Name:上海骁跃机械设备有限公司
    Recommended for:
Shanghai Xiao Yue machine equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production, reduction gear transmission equipment company, took the lead through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, the sales network covering the whole country. Specializing in the producti
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