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Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute
    Chinese Name:郑州机械研究所
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Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute under the Ministry of Machinery Industry is a class of Sciences, 1999 transformed into large technology enterprises directly under central government. More than 800 employees, more than 500 professional and technical personnel. 55 people inc
    Chinese Name:焦作市银起制动器厂
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Jiaozuo City Silver up brake factory was founded in 2000, is an enterprise specialized in brake manufacturers products research and development, manufacturing, service as a whole, factory strong technical force, advanced technology, detection means complete, can provide standard
Luoyang Hongde heavy industry equipment Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:洛阳弘德重工设备有限公司
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Luoyang Hongde heavy industry equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as Luoyang Jianxi Shuguang Machinery Factory, Luoyang Jianxi enterprises, in 2011 August to complete share reform. The company is located in Luoyang District of Jianxi City, high-tech industrial zone covers an area
Harvard Baby Month Club
    Chinese Name:哈佛宝贝月子会所
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The Harvard Baby Month Club is the first month child care center in the province. An excellent team of pediatric experts, gynaecologists, babies, dietitians, marriage and family analysts and senior nursing staff with rich clinical experience, providing professional care, healthy
Zhengzhou blue based Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    Chinese Name:郑州蓝基机械制造有限公司
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Henan blue based Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adhering to the "unity, pragmatic, innovation, blue base idea and trustworthy", adhere to the "quality of survival, the customer is supreme" the principle, management mechanism into the modernization, has a production and first-c
Shangqiu Yixin reducer Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:商丘易鑫减速机有限公司
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Shangqiu Yixin reducer Co. Ltd. is a reducer parts, motor, reducer, RV110, RV130 and other products for the professional production and processing companies, has a complete, scientific quality management system. Shangqiu Yixin reducer Limited company's good faith, strength and qu
Xinxiang three Xin Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:新乡三鑫电机制造有限公司
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Three Xinxiang City Xin Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional design, development of motor company. Company casting, machine processing, design, development and production of various kinds of special motor in one, has a strong product development ability, advanced produ
Henan Yutong Machinery Bulldozer Parts Sales Company
    Chinese Name:河南宇通机械推土机配件销售公司
    Recommended for:
Yutong Heavy Industry Series Parts Sales, Yutong Heavy Industry Bulldozer Parts, Yutong Heavy Industry Loader Parts, Yutong Heavy Industry Tractor Parts, Yutong Heavy Industry Road Roller Parts, Yutong Heavy Industry GJT112 High Speed Bulldozer Parts, Yutong Heavy Industry GJZ112
Myanmar Vegas Net Investment
    Chinese Name:缅甸维加斯网投
    Recommended for:
Vegas Group Advisory Hotline: 187 8795 6658 Website: nob333.com The Vegas Group welcomes you: Go to the 0 handling fee and withdraw at any time. 10 minutes to arrive. Fair, just and safe. Free for game enthusiasts and consulting business. Our assets are our employees. We only
Luoyang Bade E-commerce Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:洛阳巴德电子传感器
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Luoyang Bade E-commerce Co., Ltd. The main products are: load cell, temperature sensor, flow sensor, speed sensor, displacement sensor, pressure sensor, tension sensor, torque sensor, control instrument, amplifier, strain gauge, encoder, motor, PLC, valve and other related acces
Taixing Hengxin hydraulic parts factory Henan Office
    Chinese Name:泰兴市恒信液压件厂河南办事处
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Taixing hydraulic Zhengzhou sales office was established in 1998, the Department of professional sales gear pump, high flow gear pump, vane pump, oil pump, gear reducer lubrication pump and oil pump motor groups. The cash supply, time to provide satisfactory products and excellen
Luoyang HENGWEI Bearing Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:洛阳恒威轴承有限公司
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Luoyang HENGWEI Bearing Co., Ltd. LYHW a professional engaged in bearing research and development, production and sales of the enterprises, located in China bearing industry products an important production, research and development base, Luoyang. Company to "technology", "qualit
Luoyang Precision Bearing Group Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:洛阳精密轴承集团有限公司
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Luoyang Precision Bearing Group Co., Ltd. has reached the same industry leading position in design, technology and production technology. Located in the hinterland of the Central Plains of the ancient capital of nine dynasties, Luoyang, is a specialized engaged in the integrated
Henan Ruihai Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
    Chinese Name:河南省瑞海医疗器械有限公司
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Henan Ruihai Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of China Central Plains - Economic Development Zone of Changge City, Henan Province, adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, east to Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, West to Beijing-Guangzhou-Shen
Henan Wood machanical equipment factory
    Chinese Name:河南伍德机械设备厂
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Henan Wood machinery equipment factory production of professional pellet machine, feed mill, feed extruder, fish feed machine, soybean peeling machine, straw crusher, shaving machine, grain mill, potato slices, potato beater, feeder fish ponds, fish ponds aerator, small starch eq
Zhengzhou Youzhong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:郑州优众自动化设备有限公司
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Founded in 2007, Zhengzhou Youzhong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou City, the hinterland of the Central Plains. It integrates research, design, manufacture and operation of domestic transportation machinery products. It has passed the ISO9001:2000 internati
Zhejiang Dongfang Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. - Zhengzhou Office
    Chinese Name:浙江东方传动机械有限公司郑州办事处
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Zhejiang Eastern Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is China general machinery industry association by gearbox units, is engaged in the reducer, gearbox, executive Professional Company such as design and manufacture, the company in the domestic same industry took the lead through t
Jiaozuo brake Limited by Share Ltd
    Chinese Name:焦作制动器股份有限公司
    Recommended for:
Jiaozuo brake Limited by Share Ltd located in the road on the north side of people's fraternity County of Jiaozuo city. Company production of "gold hoop" licensing all kinds of industrial brakes, wind power, automobile yaw brake pneumatic anti lock braking system (ABS) and other
Zhengzhou Yuxin reducer Co. Ltd.
    Chinese Name:郑州市钰鑫减速机有限公司
    Recommended for:
The company specializes in producing and selling [Yu] brand Wanxing of various types of cycloid gear, worm gear, and CVT series reducer, welcome to visit our friends!
Luoyang Yisong precision bearing technology development Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:洛阳伊崧精密轴承技术开发有限公司
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Luoyang Yisong precision bearing technology development Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in integrated enterprise of large, oversize bearing, wheel bearing and non-standard bearing design, development, manufacture and sale of. The company to science and technology as the guide
Luoyang Yuanzheng Transmission Technology Co. Ltd
    Chinese Name:洛阳元正传动技术有限公司
    Recommended for:
Luoyang Yuanzheng Transmission Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech company limited affiliated to Luoyang Wuanjun Flexible Shaft Controller Co.,Ltd; and specially engaged in design, production and sales of oveeruning clutch,backstop,swelling connected sets and coupling,etc.
Nanyang Guotai reducer sales center
    Chinese Name:南阳市国泰减速机销售中心
    Recommended for:
Nanyang Guotai reducer sales center is a professional sales company China World Trade Center reducer
Zhengzhou Yalong Furniture Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:郑州亚隆家具有限公司
    Recommended for:
Zhengzhou Yalong Furniture Co., Ltd. is a designated purchasing unit of various universities, major construction sites and enterprises. It specializes in the production of beds, student beds, apartment beds, high and low beds, bunk beds, single beds, double beds and matching bed
xin xiang ke mao sheng tai ji xie you xian gong shi
    Chinese Name:新乡市科茂圣泰机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Xinxiang Kemao Shengtai Machinery Co. Ltd. is the production of reducer professional production, the main products of the company are a new generation of H type star wheel speed reducer, H type vertical shaft planetary gear reducer mixing (HZW.HZDW.HZC.HZDC.HZL.HZDL.HZY.HZDY), mi
Jiaozuo Railway Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Sales Department thre
    Chinese Name:焦作铁建机械有限公司销售三部
    Recommended for:
Jiaozuo Railway Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "railway construction machinery") is the core enterprise of Henan railway construction, is set research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the large-scale engineeri
Henan Xingyu Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd
    Chinese Name:起重汇工厂店
    Recommended for:
The crane factory is a sales factory of Henan Xingyu Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. National Unified Hotline: 400-0373-163 Lifting Factory Store () is located in Changchun County, Henan Province, China. Mainly for the purchaser to provide all the accessories needed for the crane at
Henan Purui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:河南蒲瑞精密机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Henan Purui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of precision processing invested by Weihua Group. It is one of the key investment projects in Henan Province. It was established in 2013 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan and covers an area of ̴
Henan province Huanghe Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:河南省黄河重型机械有限公司
    Recommended for:
Henan province the Yellow River Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of elevator, elevator (SWL JB-T8809-1998)
Zhengzhou Ningyuan repair parts Co. Ltd.
    Chinese Name:郑州宁远配件维修有限公司
    Recommended for:
Zhengzhou Ningyuan accessories repair company is a strong company, headquartered in Henan, Zhengzhou. Our company mainly engaged in rotary drilling rig, dynamic compaction machine, crawler cranes and other construction machinery accessories sales and maintenance. Scope of operat
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