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Changsha Zhongnan electromechanical field Yu Shen reducer business dep
    Chinese Name:常州减速机总厂东北总经销处
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Changsha Zhongnan electromechanical field Yu Shen reducer business department
Qingdao Jutong bearing electromechanical Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:青岛聚通轴承机电有限公司
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Qingdao Jutong bearing electromechanical Co. Ltd head office established in 1987 in Hongkong, and in Qingdao in 2003 set up a branch to serve the market. The company is a professional bearing and mechanical components agents, the main sales agent and the world of plant bearing (N
Recommended Products
LAK type saddle block elastic coupling (JB-T7684-95)  Stamping outer ring needle roller bearings (GB/T12764-1991)  Spherical roller bearings (GB/T283-1994)  Angular contact ball bearings (GB/T292-1994)  Double direction thrust ball bearings (GB/T301-1995)  Cylindrical roller bearing (GB/T283-1994)  
Jilin Province Jiaxin General Machinery Co., Ltd
    Chinese Name:集安佳信通用机械有限公司
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Jiaxin jilin province general machinery co., LTD. (formerly set anchor letter general machinery co., LTD.) was founded in 1970, is specializing in the production of electric cylinder and conveying machinery products of high-tech enterprises, is the director unit of China heavy ma
Recommended Products
YD oil cooled electric roller  TDY75 type electric roller  DT75 drive roller group  YDJD type adjustable speed electric drum  QYD type oil cooled electric roller  WD (II) type deceleration drum  TZDT series of electric drum  
Changchun Jiyue Reducer Machinery Sales Co. Ltd
    Chinese Name:长春吉粤减速机械销售有限公司
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Changchun Jiyue Reducer MaChangchun Jiyue Reducer Machinery Sales Co. Ltdchinery Sales Co. Ltd
Liaoyuan heavy machinery mineral processing equipment Co., Ltd
    Chinese Name:辽源市重型机器选矿设备有限责任公司
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Liaoyuan heavy machinery mineral processing equipment Co., Ltd Keywords hoisting and transportation; building materials; construction machinery; reducer; heavy trough feeder; rubber lined hydrocyclone; folding filter; new energy saving mixing tank; adsorption tank;
Yongjia County Speed Regulator Factory
    Chinese Name:永嘉县调速机厂
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K series helical gear reducer, worm gear reducer, worm gear reducer, Z series reducer, D series reducer, cycloid pin reducer, cycloid pin reducer, stepless variable speed reducer, helical gear, worm gear reducer, helical gear reducer
Changchun HeDe Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:长春赫德机电科技有限公司
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Changchun Hird Electromechanical Technology Co Ltd in the most strength of imported industrial products procurement center Imports of industrial product sales: OMRON, Pepperl + Fuchs, Schneider, Turk, FESTO, Baruv, IFM, ABB, Mitsubishi, Siemens, OPTEX, with a. The company speci
Zhuyou heavy machinery (China) Co., Ltd.
    Chinese Name:住友重机械(中国)有限公司
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The global business environment changes rapidly, the market competition is increasingly fierce. At the same time, business globalization and no national boundaries of the development. The face of the status quo, we implement the new strategy in different areas, to create a stron
Recommended Products
CYCLO6000 series cycloid reducer  AF series servo planetary reducer  

    Chinese Name:吉林省通化市设备冶金有限公司
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    Chinese Name:辽源市重工矿冶设备有限公司
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Recommended Products
ZD, ZDH, ZDSH type reducer  ZL, ZLH, ZLSH type reducer  ZS, ZSH, ZSSH type reducer  The PF type planetary gear reducer (JB-T6120-1992)  

    Chinese Name:盛名公司
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    Chinese Name:长春奥发集团有限公司
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    Chinese Name:长春市传动轴厂
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    Chinese Name:长春日顺机电设备有限公司
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